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Day 28: I am thankful that I have endless sources of inspiration all around me and within me and I
am thankful that the writer in me is coming alive to the point where I am slowly writing my stories instead of someone else’s. I see the world as a collection of stories yet to be written. A powerful place to be in as a writer.

I was in the mood to be mushy. So here is something that I wrote tonight for Eugene. I was Inspired to write a bit of a poem from a conversation we had.

We’re ALL stories in the end let’s make it a good one eh? - Doctor Who

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I love you more than words could ever say. Forever and always. 


Well it’s day 30 and I have a lot to be thankful for.

You’ll probably notice I rarely complain because I am aware of the fact that I am incredibly blessed with love, amazing friends, a beautiful family, careers I enjoy, a healthy mind and spirit and a great body. I have also added charity work to my list.

All of those things are not perfect but they all make me happy and content and that’s all I have ever wanted.

I have been on so many journeys this year and the future looks incredibly bright.

Thank you thank you thank you for the laughter, belief, love, affection, encouragement, friendship and inspiration. I love you all so very much and to my amazing readers I am thankful for you too :) Keep smiling. #sothankful #theend #thankful #challenge #happy #happiness #love #friends #friendship #family #amazing #lucky #soblessed #blessings #countyourblessings #instagood #30days #30daysofthanks #30daysofthankschallenge #collage

We’re blessed to have you.


surfnrunnr asked:

Thanks for your kind words! If its too long, just keep scrolling right?! Haha I like your about me, especially "personal trainer to moms." Hope everything and your family is doing well!

Cheers. Some people have too much time on their hands. Pay no mind.

Thanks for stopping by the blog :)


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